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If you know me, you know I love my coffee shops. It’s something about the ambiance that really gets me. So because I travel so much I thought it would be great to blog about my coffee shop experiences.

I will rate ambiance, coffee, food and staff from 1 to 5 to give everyone a total of 20. More points the better :)

First stop - RE:BAR

Tomball, TX

Thrown off by the name, I had to look up photos on yelp to see if this was really a coffee shop. Once I got in I understood where the name came from; Recovery Bar. I was looking for a cute coffee shop, but what I stumbled on was a community center that has coffee in the entrance. Its goal is to give a place of “recovery” for people to hang out, feel good, eat good. Upstairs is a free space for people in the community to use for anything they need; yoga class, meditation, baby shower etc, at no charge. Money donated to the center goes to all sorts of community services, like feeding the needy, helping teens and young adults.

With my order of gluten free waffle with strawberries and nutella I also donated to feed someone that comes through their door that doesn’t have the capability of feeding themselves. Besides all the amazing charity work the food was delicious and so was the coffee!

Great music, wasn’t too loud and was a good tone to study or chat with friends. They had free, quick wifi. (It amazes me that some coffee shops still have poor wifi.) Cozy seating, table and chairs, and board games for all to enjoy. Not a ton of room. I was most impressed with the friendly staff that goes above and beyond. She noticed I put a little nutella in my drip coffee and when she got me a refill she insisted to make it the same way I did.

I encourage everyone to stop by this small town coffee shop to enjoy some great waffles, coffee and GIVE BACK. Thanks RE:BAR for helping make this world a better place.

Ambiance: 4

Coffee: 4

Food: 4

Staff: 5

Total: 17/20


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