Let's Talk Cellulite

March 26, 2018

Spring has sprung and its time to get out those bikinis and short shorts, but if you're like me, I avoid shorts at all costs because, yes I have cellulite! 


First lets get to know cellulite: 


Cellulite is fat deposits that push and distort the connective tissues beneath the skin. It’s a combination of poor circulation and loss of skin collagen.  About 80-90% of women have cellulite, so you’re not alone!



Some things that are out of your control that cause the appearance of cellulite are:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Genetics

  • Skin Thickness


Unfortunately, there’s no way to permanently get rid of cellulite. There are many ways to reduce the appearance and temporarily make it go away.


Watch What You Eat: diets high the “bad” fats and carbs and high sodium are a big NO. Make sure you’re eating your greens, fiber and drinking plenty of water. 


No smoking: just another negative about smoking; it reduces blood flow and weakens formation of collagen, which helps those fat spots show through the skin.


Work Out: work out and building muscle under those trouble spots to not only reduce the fat layer under your skin, but push the muscle up against the skin.


Massage the Area: a temporarily fix, but even a hand massager can help improves blood flow and gets rid of excess fluid.


Retinol Cream:  Again, not going to fix cellulite forever, but retinol cream can help the skins look and texture. Find one that has at least .3%. Use for at least 6 months for results.


Wear Sunscreen: UV rays can damage collagen. Opt for a spray tan that is not only UV free, but helps hide the appearance of cellulite.


You’re more than welcome to talk to a doctor about the temporary fixes you can try. FDA has approves may laser treatments, massage type treatments, and skin fillers but its pricy and still not a permanent fix. For now, keep exercising and keeping your body alkaline with those greens and water.

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