Armed & Dangerous

Summer time is upon us and with that comes tank tops, swimsuits and wedding season. Arms are one of my favorite groups to hit at the gym. You can superset the lifting, like the workout below, where it gets your heart rate up to help burn fat as you lean your arms. Remember, when lifting you go until failure. Failure is where you make the change, so push yourself to the rep range between 15-20 to get the results you want. If you get more than 20 reps; increase the weight, if you can’t get to 15 reps; lighten the weight, and make sure you’re using the correct form. You get what you put in! No excuses! Go to the gym and get those lean, toned arms with this quick workout! Superset: Barbell Rever

Food Timing

It wasn't until I started competing did I realize not only how important food is but the timing of food. One of my weak areas is my legs. I need to put on more muscle in my lower body. That being said when I found this out I was lifting legs two to three times a week and lifting heavy. I couldn’t wait to see the gains I’ve made, only when I jumped on the scale and looked in the mirror I had loss muscle. I didn't understand! I was lifting hard, I was doing the right exercises, and I was eating clean and taking my supplements. What was I doing wrong? I finally looked at the type of calories I was consuming and when. Your diet consumes protein, fat and carbs, but which is the most important? I

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