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Broccoli Beef Dinner

This is one of my favorite dishes! Not only is it super easy, but also savory. Inspired by my Asian side here is a great Broccoli Beef Dinner:

3oz Sirloin (lean cut beef)

1 cup (cooked) Brown Rice

1T Chives

2T Teriyaki Sauce

1 cup Broccoli

I love the cast iron skillet because you can cook in it, throw it in the oven and it lasts forever! Today we are just going to cook in it. Cut the sirloin and cook on the skillet with light olive oil. You can also add the teriyaki sauce here or you can add it at the end.

Once it browns to your level of liking place over top of the brown rice. You can drizzle the teriyaki sauce over and sprinkle the chives to finish it off. Add the broccoli to the plate. Voila!

57g Carbs

33g Protein

14g Fat


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