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Importance of Recovery

Athletes like Lebron James know how important it is and is known for his dedication to his recovery routines. Just as much work as we put in at the gym we need to put into recovery. With the right methods you can build the body you want without any injuries and minimal soreness.

There are a lot of different types of recovery tools you can use. I broke down a little list for you to choose from:

  • MASSAGE (similar to foam rolling) - Probably the most common and widely known. Increases circulation in tissues and repairs muscle fibers which maximizes lean muscle gain.

  • CRYOTHERAPY - Basically an ice bath amplified. You can do full body chamber (1-3mins) or local spot treatments (around 8mins). It helps recover faster from exercise by reducing inflammation and muscle soreness.

  • RED LIGHT THERAPY - Red light delivered through LEDs. Boosts energy production and regeneration. Also increases ATP production, reduces inflammation, reduces oxidative stress which helps with muscle recovery and soreness.

  • INFRARED SAUNA - a sauna heated by infrared lights rather than heated water. The heat can penetrates deep into joints , muscles and tissues to increase oxygen and circulation.

  • GRASTON TECHNIQUE (IASTM) - Soft tissue mobilization technique. Improves range of motion, removes scar tissue, increases blood and nutrient supply and helps relieve pain.

  • KINESIOLOGY TAPE - Tape used on tendons and muscles to help with pain relief and joint support. Helps blood circulation, decrease joint swelling and improve muscle performance.

Also, don’t forget to SLEEP and you DIET! - Seems like a duh moment, but a lot of people don’t get enough rest! Besides helping your muscles recover and repair, it also helps balancing hormones and boosts immune system. And make sure you’re drinking A LOT of water, eating protein and antioxidant superfoods (reduces inflammation) post workout.


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