Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Bowl

Looking to spice up your breakfast? Try this Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Bowl...mmmm 1 serving: 37g Carbs 16g Protein 13g Fat Recipe makes 2 servings: 1 Medium Green Apple - chopped 1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese 1/4 Cup Granola 1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds Dash Cinnamon

Staying Motivated

Whether it be in the gym, or life, I struggle staying motivated. Social media hasn't made it any easier. Everyone is reminding you of their best assists and how much fun their life is. Don't let that get to you and get in a rut when it comes to achieving your goals. That being said here are some of my favorite ways to stay motivated. Create a Vision Board: it can be a collage of things you want or taking a marker and writing stuff down. Lay it out to see every day to remind you of what your goals are and why. Set Short Term Goals: when we hit a goal it's so satisfying which creates more motivation to keep going. It's also a great way to stay on track (i.e. I want to run 3 miles this week). G

Workout Of The Day

Back Workuot Resistance Band Reverse Flys 3 x 15 Bent Over Cable Row 3 x 15 Lateral Pull Downs 3 x 15 T Bar Row 3 x 15 Low Back Extension 3 x 15 Supermans 3 x 15

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