Simple Tips to a Happier, Healthier Life Make Small Changes Even little changes can improve your health, like finding healthy alternatives to your favorite goodies or adding more super foods to your diet. Eating healthy doesn’t mean food has to taste bad or you can’t enjoy yourself. For example, when baking, use applesauce instead of sugar or when having a BBQ have hummus dip in place of ranch. Also, adding lemon to your diet can do amazing things! Lemon helps decrease inflammation, aids digestion, provides a ton of vitamin C and flushes out toxins; among other things. Set Attainable Goals Don’t let yourself get discouraged. Set short term goals along with your long term ones. Reaching those

Travel Tips!

Tips for Staying On Track While Traveling Traveling can be a good excuse getting off track, but don’t let that be you! There are plenty of resources available to get in an effective workout anywhere! Here are some things to remember when you’re on the road this holiday season: Be Prepared – Plan ahead of time and pack bars, granola, supplements, etc. Ziploc Bags should be your best friend! You can premix a bag with protein, oats and dash of cinnamon for a delicious shake and baggies of pre and post workout. Drink Water – this is especially important when you’re flying. Make it a goal to buy one of those big water bottles and finish it before my flight is over. Don’t limit your workout to the

Gym 101

Walking into the gym for the first time can be scary. I'm here to tell you its not and give you some basic knowledge to ease your mind. Don’t Be Intimidated. Most beginners have a hard time starting because they are worried what other think of them and don’t want to look lost in the gym. Most people who are there workout out are focusing on themselves and what they are doing. I always love seeing the beginners in there working out. It gives me inspiration to keep going. Ask For Help. Most gyms will offer a free personal training session for each new member. Don’t pass that up. They should also do a physical assessment and teach you some basics. Use Correct Form. This goes back to asking for

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