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Travel Tips!

Tips for Staying On Track While Traveling

Traveling can be a good excuse getting off track, but don’t let that be you! There are plenty of resources available to get in an effective workout anywhere! Here are some things to remember when you’re on the road this holiday season:

  • Be Prepared – Plan ahead of time and pack bars, granola, supplements, etc. Ziploc Bags should be your best friend! You can premix a bag with protein, oats and dash of cinnamon for a delicious shake and baggies of pre and post workout.

  • Drink Water – this is especially important when you’re flying. Make it a goal to buy one of those big water bottles and finish it before my flight is over.

  • Don’t limit your workout to the gym - If you can’t find a gym that doesn’t mean you can’t workout. Try a HIIT workout or circuit that require little to no equipment or take the scenic route; jogging can literally be a breath of fresh air.

  • Invest in bands and cables – you can work wonders with just one workout band. You can add resistance bands to squats, donkey kicks or use tube bands for bicep curls; the variations are limitless.

  • Get the family involved - Visiting family for the holidays? Get a group workout going so you can all hold each other accountable

  • Get Rest – traveling can be tough with time changes and early flights so make sure you’re still getting your rest.; take a nap or sleep in one day. Resting is a crucial part to muscle recovery.


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