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Holiday Gift Guide


Here are some of my absolute favorite things. It may not be Oprah's Favorite Things, but I promise they won't let you down!

For The Active One

The Top Fitness App with Your Best Trainers -

Fitplan has step-by-step workout programs that keep every one on track. Not only is it easy to use, but you can communicate direct through the app with your trainer! Less than $6 a month or $69.99 for the year.

Buttery Soft Affordable Leggings (and shorts) -

I kid you not, these feel like butter. These high waisted leggings are so comfy you will want to wear them everyday. Buy one for them and one for yourself! The same brand also makes a short version.

THE Best Training and Recovery Tracker -

I got this a few months ago and I'm addicted! Not only does it track your workout strain, but your recovery, AND advises how hard to train and sleep to be at your best. You can even join groups and compete with others.

Futuristic Scale -

INEVIFIT's scale comes with an app and helps calculate more than just weight. It tracks BMI, muscle mass, BodyFat, water, bone mass and more.

Cute Affordable Workout Set -

Surprisingly cute and flattering workout set that comes in 4 different colors. Get both the top and bottom for under $25.

OBSESSED with this block color set -

It's so comfy and hugs in the right places. Looks even cuter in person! Comes in neon yellow as well. Anyone getting this will be happy!

Best Workout Bands -

Get the perfect stocking stuffers with GoFits workout bands! Take them anywhere to get a great workout in!

The Beauty Expert

Fre Skincare - made for those who sweat! The sell everything from oils to body scrub. Made with powerful antioxidants and Argania Active Complex.

Face Cleansing Tool -

Follow along with an app to know just how much you should be cleansing your face and where. FOREO has a great reputation for cleansing products and I'm a big fan! Skin comes out silky smooth.

Face Cupping Set -

Cupping is the new trend taking over that helps increases blood circulation, promote cell repair, and inflammation. Great to pair with face oil.

Gua Sha Massage Tool -

Another great stocking stuffer! Made from natural jade and uses on the face to eliminate puffiness and help with wrinkles. Also, can be uses to help blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and sore muscles in other areas in the body.

The Social Media Queen or King

Selfie Phone Holder -

Comes with lights that have different shades and settings. Perfect for those who live stream.

Canon EOS M3 Wifi Camera -

Great gift for those creative vloggers, YouTubes, or social media influencers. Media can be automatically uploaded onto your phone.

Ring Light with Stand -

The most high demand tool for those on social media. This kit comes with the whole set up, including a bluetooth remote.


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