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Gym 101

Walking into the gym for the first time can be scary. I'm here to tell you its not and give you some basic knowledge to ease your mind.

Don’t Be Intimidated.

Most beginners have a hard time starting because they are worried what other think of them and don’t want to look lost in the gym. Most people who are there workout out are focusing on themselves and what they are doing. I always love seeing the beginners in there working out. It gives me inspiration to keep going.

Ask For Help.

Most gyms will offer a free personal training session for each new member. Don’t pass that up. They should also do a physical assessment and teach you some basics.

Use Correct Form.

This goes back to asking for help. I always see people using bad form and its just a matter of time before they will hurt themselves. I wish they would ask how to do an exercise instead of lifting such heavy weight and injuring themselves. Also, if you ever see me in the gym I love answering questions!

How Many Sets

15-20 Warm Up

12-15 Lean

8-12 Build

5-8 Strength

Use Your Manners.

Yes, there is a certain way to act at the gym. Put your weights away, clean up your sweat, don’t steal others equipment, and don’t hang out on a piece of equipment talking on the phone if you’re not using it. Remember to share the gym. You’re not the only one paying a membership.

Push Yourself.

Set a goal; long term and short term goals. Reward yourself with every little achievement! Don’t just do 10 reps when you can do 15, get every rep you can out of each set.


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