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Workouts can happen any time, any where. If YOU want to reach your goals, you can. There ‘s no excuse for not being active, even if it’s for 20mins a day, get up and move! Go on a hike, swim, or do a quick plyo workout in the kitchen. Challenge yourself and set weekly goals. This week tell yourself you will get a workout in at least three times.

Below is an example of a jungle gym workout that you can do while you take the kids to the park.

Playground Circuit 3x

Toe Taps 40 seconds

  • Quick feet drill, toe taps as fast as you can

Pull ups

  • Burn out

Box Jumps

  • 15 jumps

Hanging Leg Raises (from monkey bars)

  • Burn out with staying stable with no swinging

Step ups with back kicks

  • 10 each leg


  • Burn out

Hanging crunches (on monkey bars)

  • Burn out

Push ups (on the slide)

  • Burn out

Don’t lose yourself in your excuses. If you want it it can happen. There are no excuses for not having the body you desire. You get what you put in, keep pushing!


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