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Beat the Heat!

Take your workout to the water! Swimming isn’t just for the kids. Here are some GREAT benefits from working out in the pool, lake or wherever you are!

  • Great for all ages and skill level

  • Beginners can start off with some light lap swimming or flutter kicks

  • More advance swimmers can try some circuits and laps in the pool

  • Burn fat and create lean muscle mass

  • Because water is denser than air (duh) the resistance of the water creates resistance on every movement

  • Great for endurance (aerobic)

  • Even doggy paddling will get your heart rate up

  • Lower injury risk

  • Low impact means less stress on your body so don’t let aching joints or painful knees or back stop you!

  • Full body workout

  • Hits all parts of your body; core, arms, glutes etc!

  • Water keeps you cool

  • Don’t worry about over heating!

  • If its in salt water it can help with skin and hair

  • Added bonus! Salt water kills bacteria, closes pores, enhances hydration, and helps treat eczema and more!


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