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Post Olympia Feels....

Post Olympia Feels

I always call it the super bowl of fitness; the Olympia. I had the pleasure of working with at the Olympia Expo last weekend. It was crazy, action packed, and always worth it.

There’s something about being around people in this industry that fuels me. Seeing people dedicate themselves to a cause...people who have been training for this one moment on stage or those trying to network for their business. Physical goals or career goals its inspiring to see.

I always walk away from the weekend with more drive and direction. Having these conversations with likeminded people that understand your vision and believe in what you’re doing. Telling myself I can work harder.

It also makes me reflect on my circle of friends and reminds me to surround myself with people who are positive and want to see me succeed. Be aware of who you are spending you time with. I’m blessed to have this fitness industry in my life and the friends that I’ve made in it. <3


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