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Let's Talk Cellulite

Cellulite - we all know it and hate it.

Cellulite is fat deposits that push and distort the connective tissues beneath the skin. It’s a combination of poor circulation and loss of skin collagen. About 80-90% of women have cellulite, so you’re not alone!

Some things that are out of your control that cause the appearance of cellulite are age, gender, genetics, and skin thickness.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to permanently get rid of cellulite. (Unless you go under the knife) BUT there are many ways to reduce the appearance and temporarily make it go away:

  • Watch What You Eat: diets high in bad fats, refined carbs, and high sodium are a big NO. Make sure you’re eating your greens, fiber and drinking plenty of water. This helps remove waste and toxins and dehydration causes the skin to become thinner which shows more cellulite.

  • No smoking: just another negative about smoking; it reduces blood flow and weakens formation of collagen, which helps those fat spots show through the skin.

  • Work Out: lift and build muscle under those trouble spots to not only reduce the fat layer under your skin, but push the muscle up against the skin.

  • Massage and Dry Brushing: a temporary fix, but even a hand massager or brush can help improve blood flow and eliminate toxins that accumulate in the fat layer.

  • Retinol Cream: Again, not going to fix cellulite forever, but retinol cream can help the skins look and texture. Find one that has at least .3%. Use for at least 6 months for results.

  • Wear Sunscreen: UV rays can damage collagen. Opt for a spray tan that is not only UV free, but helps hide the appearance of cellulite. (my fav is @myliquidconfidence)

You’re more than welcome to talk to a doctor about their fixes. FDA has approved laser treatments, massage type treatments, and skin fillers BUT know that cellulite is EXTREMELY common. Keep exercising, keep your body alkaline with those greens and water, AND most importantly know everyone has flaws and love yourself.

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